Pre-Conference Workshop 2

Pre-Conference Workshop-2

Volcano Alert Level Systems: Exploring Standardisation, Networks and Resources


Carina Fearnley

University College London, United Kingdom

Amy Donovan

Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Annie Winson

British Geological Survey, United Kingdom

Sally Potter

GNS Science, New Zealand

11 June 2022

Workshop Description:

This workshop is run by the WOVO Volcano Alert Level Systems (VALS) Working Group that aims to support volcanologists and key user groups (e.g. civil protection) in their implementation and use of VALS and communication products and protocols used at volcano observatories around the world (including the Aviation Colour Code). We build on prior workshops to review recent publications on VALS, and share knowledge, experience, and best practices so that all practitioners can benefit, particularly those who are devising new or alternative systems, or managing the standardisation of systems.We aim to explore specific issues of concern raised during our COV10 discussions:

i. The challenges of standardisation on VALS effectiveness: managing UN and other regional / global policies with local needs. 

ii. Developing a checklist for VALS usage: managing problems and issues to consider. 

iii. Creating networks for VALS information and support: learning from the past,present, and future in virtual and real worlds. In addition we will also provide feedback on a global survey the VALS working group are conducting to review VALS used globally, providing some preliminary analysis. Representatives from observatories and key user groups are invited to attend to present their existing VALS and communication procedures, and/or discuss any challenges and opportunities in the design and operation of VALS. A proposed output is a series of handbooks and guidance for volcano observatories and users during late 2020 by the working group based on our survey, research, and workshop findings. The session will be interactive and interdisciplinary.

Core connection: This workshop aims to explore the links between volcano observatory scientists,key stakeholders (government and others), and the public via volcano alert level systems (VALS). VALS sit at the interface between the practice, policies, and communication of all stakeholders and therefore it is imperitative that in order to gain effective risk mitigation practices are shared and discussed between the different stakeholders to make sure these systems are effective. These workshops always aim (and achieve) a wide diversity of stakeholder attendees, and consequently focus on the connections between science and society.

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