11th Cities on Volcanoes Conference


The leading International Conference of Volcanologists
for the first time in Greece June 12-17

Crete, the jewel of the Mediterranean, shall welcome the leading representatives of volcanology science as the city of Heraklion will host, from 12th to 17th of June 2022, the 11th Cities on Volcanoes Conference titled “Volcanoes and Society: environment, health and hazards” on the 12th to 17th of June.

The International Conference which will be held in Greece for the first time, in hybrid form (physical and virtual participation), will act as a bridge of communication and cooperation between the community of Natural and Social Sciences with the Crisis and Emergency Management staffs for dealing with volcano risk.

Scientists studying volcanoes around the world will gather to exchange views with Civil Protection officials on volcanic eruption management issues, with the desire and ambition to contribute decisively to the debate on sealing infrastructure to enhance the preservation of human life.

The Conference will be attended by scientists and representatives of Civil Protection from around the world who have managed volcanic risk issues with recent volcanic eruptions in Krakatoa (Indonesia), White Island (New Zealand), Taal (Philippines), Stromboli (Italy), Fagradalsfjall (Iceland), La Palma (Canary Islands), Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai (Pacific Ocean) and elsewhere.

COV11 is co-organized by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI) and the Cities and Volcanoes Commission (CAV with the support of Region of Crete and the Municipality of Heraklion.

The organization of the International Conference in Greece creates excellent conditions for networking and promotion of Greek initiatives and research related to crisis management, exchange of know-how, experience and good practices. Moreover, it is particularly symbolic is the fact that Crete is hosting this great international event, as the volcanic eruption in Santorini caused extensive damage to the Minoan Civilization.

The start of the Conference will be marked by the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility action. On Sunday, June 12, delegates, citizens and volunteer groups will meet to clear the Keris Forest and learn about the process of guarding and monitoring the forest during the fire season; a small-scale sample that accurately captures the requirements of a large-scale project.

The action concerns the objectives and the theme of the Conference. The central role of Civil Protection in an international context sends a strong and clear message. Dealing with any natural disaster starts with the way Civil Protection handles the situation, but also, how it organizes and develops environmental prevention policies in each case of danger.

The start time of the action is set at 11:00 in the morning with the meeting point being the 1st Forest Outpost. The participants will be assisted by the volunteer groups that are active in the specific area and in particular the LEFED (Armed Forces Reserve Club), the ECC (Red Cross) and the ESA (Greek Rescue Team) with the assistance of cleaning materials from the Municipality of Maleviziou.

The 11th Cities on Volcanoes Conference opens its gates to give knowledge and enjoy the Cretan beauty and hospitality to the participants!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 11th Cities on Volcanoes Conference, inviting you to enjoy Cretan beauty and hospitality!



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