Together for the environment. An act of social contribution from the International Conference Cities on Volcanoes

An act of love for the environment, an act of love for mankind. The beautiful forest of Keri opens its “arms” to receive the care of visitors and residents of Crete in Greece who will participate in a special action with an essential message. Prevention is the best policy.

Delegates, citizens and volunteer groups will meet on Sunday 12th of June, to participate in cleaning up Keri Forest, an action implemented with the support of the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Maleviziou, which shall provide all the necessary cleaning materials. At the same time, it will be an action to inform the way in which the process of guarding and monitoring of the forest during the fire-fighting period takes place. It is part of the action plan of the Cities on Volcanoes International Conference, “Volcanoes and Society: environment, health and hazards”, which will be hosted by the city of Heraklion from 12 to 17 June.

The action touches on the objectives and themes of the Conference which aspires to function as a channel of communication and cooperation between the Geoscientific Community and the Crisis and Emergency Management Staff. Leading scientists and Civil Protection officials will take part in a constructive dialogue on volcanic crisis management.

The central role of Civil Protection in an International Conference is to send a strong and clear message. Dealing with any natural disaster starts with the way Civil Protection handles the situation, but mainly, how it organizes and develops environmental prevention policies in each case of danger.

In this light, an action to clean up a forest is not only about protecting the environment and achieving a positive aesthetic result: it is, above all, a part of preparing for disaster management; a small-scale sample that accurately captures the requirements of a large-scale project.

Citizens coming on board with corresponding actions is an act of responsibility. Knowing the basic principles of managing and organizing difficult situations, is an example of the highest social responsibility: difficult times require composure, coordination, and knowledge of basic rules.

The action will begin at 11:00 in the morning, with the meeting point being the 1st Forest Outpost. The participants will be assisted by the volunteer groups that are active in the specific area; in particular the LEFED (Armed Forces Reserve Club), the ECC (Red Cross) and the ESA (Hellenic Rescue Team).

We invite you all to participate in an action that combines contribution to society and the acquisition of knowledge, a responsible citizen is an informed citizen.

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