Pre-Conference Field Trip COV 11

Methana volcanic peninsula 10-11 June 2022

Field Leaders

Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos

NKUA, Athens, Greece

10-11 June 2022

2 days

Number of participants
from 35 to 40

170 €

Booking deadline is May 10, 2022

Methana is a volcanic peninsula of ~42km2 located in the Saronic Gulf, 40 km SW of Athens, near three other volcanoes: an underwater volcanic field (Pausanias volcano), and the older Aegina and Poros. It is a composite andesite-dacite volcano that has developed numerous monogenetic vents. 

Methana peninsula with eruption centers, view from north-west.

Thermal baths and yacht harbor Methana

The peninsula is located in the area of the Saronic Gulf, which is characterized by E-W normal faults and by NE-SW strike-slip faults and cross-cut by a myriad of smaller faults. The vents have usually developed along these tectonic lines. 

According to scientists, at least 14 distinct eruptions can be identified, mostly effusive. Explosive activity is rare and emplaced at least 3 distinct pumice deposits. The erupted volumes are moderate, generally <0.9 km3. 

The volcanic stratigraphy of Methana has been documented on the “Geological Map 1:25000 of Methana” (Dietrich et al. 1996) and revised by Pe-Piper and Piper (2013). 

The ages of the volcanic activity are poorly constrained. For simplicity, the eruptions can be separated in 4 phases and numbered from I to XIV, after the model of Popa et al. (in press): 

Events I and II: the so-called “volcanic socle”, dated at 3.5 ± 0.9 Ma, covers the Mesozoic basement and Lower Pliocene marine marls (nannoplankton NN15 ∼ 4.2 Ma). It is marked by an explosive eruption and by a series of domes and lava flows extruded all over the peninsula. Events III – XI (with random dates between 1.4±0.3 and 0.6 ± 0.2 Ma): marked by two explosive eruptions (VI and VIII) and by a series of lava flows and domes. Limited hydrothermal activity is associated with this stage of volcanic activity. Events XII-XIII with ages of 0.34 and 0.29 Ma: lava flows and domes extruded from vents developed on N-S (XII) and E-W (XIII) directions. The eruptions are probably closely related to tectonic activity and the development of faults/fractures. Event XIV: the youngest eruption, the Mavri Petra lava flow complex, which has erupted in historical times ~ 250 BP in the NW corner of the peninsula. 

Mavri Petra flows (~ 250 BP) in the NW corner of the peninsula

An extensive geochemical survey on the fluids released by the volcanic/geothermal system of Methana was undertaken. Characterization of the gases was made on the basis of the chemical and isotopic (He and C) analysis. CO2 soil gas concentration and fluxes were measured on the whole peninsula at more than 100 sampling sites. 

Today, Methana is well situated for family, religious and health tourism. It is ideal for hiking trips in beautiful paths between the hills, interesting for the unique flora and fauna and offers plenty of Byzantine churches and small chapels. It is a traditional site for hot baths and health spas.

Indicative Program

Friday, 10 June 2022

Meeting at the pick-up place in Athens
09:00Departure from Athens to Methana by bus 
12:30Sightseeing tour and ascension to the “Kameni Chora” Volcano. Along the way we will be constantly updated about petrological and volcanic formations.
14:30–15:00Return to the hotel
15:30–18:30Free time to explore Methana

Saturday, 11 June 2022

Volcanic update visit to various points (thermal springs)
13:30Departure from Methana to Piraeus Port

Participation fee includes:

  • Transfer by bus from Athens – Methana, Methana – Piraeus Port
  • Any transfer required by bus in Methana
  • Meals: 1 lunch box & 1 dinner , 1 lunch 
  • Sharing twin room with breakfast in Methana 1night stay

Participation fee does not include:

  • Accommodation city taxes per room per night
  • Hotel Pick-up for departure in Athens
  • WiFi on coach
  • Meals not mentioned in the program
  • Drinks and beverages not mentioned in the program
  • Porterage service
  • Gratuities (tips are optional)
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
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