Intra-Conference Workshop 1 goes Virtual

Intra-Conference Workshop-1

Towards a Uniform Approach for Risk Assessment due to Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Catalina Yepes

Global Earthquake Model, Colombia

Anirudh Rao 

Global Earthquake Model, India

Alejandro Calderón

Global Earthquake Model, Costa Rica

New Date
8 July 2022 Virtual Event

Workshop Description:

The risk assessment due to any natural hazard typically requires a hazard model capable of defining the intensity and frequency of the hazard, an exposure model characterizing the built environment, and a vulnerability model defining the likelihood that each exposed element will suffer damage or loss. While the hazard component is highly dependent on the type of phenomena (e.g. volcanoes, earthquakes, floods,storms), there are similarities in the exposure and vulnerability components across the majority of the natural hazards, as well as in the procedure for the estimation of the potential losses and damages. It is thus important to explore overlapping areas in order to maximize the available resources, and avoid duplication of efforts.In this context, the CRAVE project (Collaborative Risk Assessment for Volcanoes and Earthquakes) supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and with participants from GEM, BGS, SGC, CVGHM, IT Bandung, PHIVOLCS and EOS, is exploring common tools and datasets for the assessment of the impact from volcanoes and earthquakes. These resources allow the employment of the same exposure dataset and risk framework for the estimation of the expected losses and affected population, while maintaining a link with well-established tools for the assessment of the volcano and earthquake hazard. In this workshop participants will be invited to explore these datasets and tools using hazard and risk data for a realistic scenario, and all of the resources will be made publicly available to the scientific community.


Connection to societal risk mitigation: Hands-on training with tools and datasets that allows estimating the impact due to volcanic and earthquake hazards.

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