CSR & Sustainability


COV11 and Organizing Committee promote Corporate Social Responsibility taking and supporting actions and initiatives which reflect our identity and sense of responsibility to society and people. Attendees will be active members in various activities and will have the satisfaction of the contribution to society and their fellow human beings.

On Sunday 12th of June, delegates, citizens, and volunteer groups will meet to participate and support an action of love for the environment. Keri Forest opens its “arms” to receive the care of visitors and residents of Crete. An action implemented with the support of the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Maleviziou, which will provide all the necessary cleaning materials. Moreover, participants will be informed on the way in which the process of guarding and monitoring of the forest during the fire-fighting period takes place.

The action touches on the objectives and themes of the Conference which aspires to function as a channel of communication and cooperation between the Geoscientific Community and the Crisis and Emergency Management Staff. Civils’ Protection central role in the Conference sends a strong and clear message. Managing a natural disaster starts with the way Civil Protection handles the situation, but mainly, how it organizes and develops environmental prevention policies in each case of danger.

The action will begin at 11:00 in the morning, with the meeting point being the 1st Forest Outpost. The participants will be assisted by the volunteer groups that are active in the specific area, LEFED (Armed Forces Reserve Club), the ECC (Red Cross) and the ESA (Hellenic Rescue Team).

We invite attendees, residents of Crete, national and local authorities to participate in this special action making a strong statement on the need of environment protection and informed citizens.


The COV11 Congress aims to minimize the environmental impact of the event and contribute towards a safe and healthy environment. Implements numerous measures, from the planning of the event to execution and from the moment you start looking into your travel arrangements until you are back from the conference. This congress aspires to bring about sustainable solutions, to act as an inspiration and to raise the level of both learning and awareness, that the positive impacts will outweigh the negative:

  • We select local suppliers to avoid long distance transport of goods and people
  • We avoid printing and aim for an almost paperless office
  • We offer contactless check-in for delegates and congress visitors
  • We select seasonal and regional food for the catering and order carefully to avoid food waste


  • Use public transport instead of a taxi when navigating through Heraklion
  • When using a taxi, you might think of sharing it with one of your fellow delegates


  • Only use the air conditioning if it is necessary
  • Turn off the lights and TV when leaving the room
  • Select the type and amount of food during meals sensibly to avoid food waste

During the Congress

  • Bring your own folding travel cup for coffee/tea to prevent takeaway cups
  • Bring your own bottle of water and refill it
  • Only pick up printed marketing and information material that you are really interested in and that you will use
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