S3.14: Emergency planning tools in inhabited volcanic risk areas


Antonio Colombi

Civil Protection Regional Agency of Latium Region, Italy

The Civil Protection Emergency Plans are a valid tool to allow the community living in volcanic risk areas to know better their territory, to understand the behavioral methods for self-protection systems, to increase the culture of civil protection among the population to get to a resilient community.Scientific research is the first important step for the creation of risk scenarios at the base of emergency planning and the Civil Protection Emergency Plans can be the valid instrument for transferring scientific data into an application in the territory with administrative-operational language.The relationship of trust between the scientific world and administration, on the one hand, and population, on the other, must be the element to be safeguarded in order to be able to manage a possible emergency. The synergic active participation of citizens, scientific world and Administration to create a shared Civil Protection Plan must be the modern goal of a Civil Protection System.

Core connection between the proposed session and societal risk mitigation: The session aims to highlight the close relationship between emergency planning, scientific research and the management of the community living within the volcanic area.
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