S2.8: Source to surface magma transport at small-volume intraplate basaltic volcanoes


Heather Handley

Macquarie University, Australia

Károly Németh

Massey University, New Zealand

Hugo Murcia

Universidad de Caldas, Colombia

Understanding the sub-volcanic journey of magma from mantle source tosurface in small-volume basaltic volcanic fields is critical for improved assessmentof volcanic hazards. Magma transport pathways from the mantle may be directand rapid, or more complex, involving storage and evolution and so providegreater warning time of an eruption. In this session we welcome contributionsthat unravel the pathways, dynamics and timescales of magma ascent at smallvolumecontinental basaltic ‘monogenetic’ and ‘polygenetic’ volcanoes. Thesession covers studies utilising but not limited to: field relations in exposedplumbing systems, geophysical imaging, paleomagnetism, the petrography andmineralogy of erupted rocks and associated xenoliths, whole-rock geochemistryand isotopes. We welcome contributions at the scale of single-volcanic centresto field-wide studies.

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