S2.17: Time after Time


Helena Albert

Central Geophysical Observatory (IGN), Madrid, Spain

Társilo Girona

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Tehcnology, CA, United States of America

Unraveling the timescales at which magmatic processes take place at depth prior to eruption is crucial to improve the interpretation of monitoring data. In particular, the combination of petrological and geochemical analyses with monitoring data has become an essential working strategy to understand the reactivation of magmatic plumbing systems, and therefore to improve the interpretation of the eruption precursors and potentially improve the forecasting of volcanic activity. In this session, we invite contributions focused on the timescales of magmatic processes and the evolution of plumbing systems,especially proposing a timeline of the magmatic system evolution. We encourage presentations connecting processes at depth to ground-based and satellite-based monitoring data, including but not limited to seismicity, deformation, gas and heat emissions.

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