S1.3: Unmanned robotic autonomous platforms on volcanoes for research, monitoring and rapid crisis response


Florian Schwandner

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, United States of America

Jorge Andres Diaz

GasLab, CICANUM, University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Unmanned autonomous robotic platforms including UAS/UAVs and AUVs,are an emerging and rapidly evolving new technology used in volcano research,monitoring, and rapid crisis response. Unmanned platforms have been used in a variety of environments including aquatic (marine, lacustrine, geysers),subterranean (volcanic vents and caves), and subaerial domains. Payload sensor options, real-time data transmissions via mesh and ad-hoc networks, fleet/swarm options, constellation options with CubeSat Low Earth Orbit satellites, and increasing use of autonomy and artificial intelligence (e.g., intelligent subaerial and subaqueous plume navigation and obstacle avoidance, terrain and canopy following),and homing are frontiers experiencing rapid development to ready this new technology for event crisis tracking and response. We welcome any contribution including but not limited to case studies, citizen science, technology demonstrations and development related to unmanned autonomous or semi-autonomous sensor applications in volcanic environments.

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